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Internship offers

Youniwemi is opening positions for internships.

Youniwemi is looking for the following qualities : motivated, punctual, curious, courageous, respectful, with a sense of commitment and a will to upskilling.

If you're ready to make an impact during your internship within the youniwemers team in Marrakech which includes marketers, engineers and designers, and you want to know more, it's simple! Send your resumé to [email protected], as well as a brief introduction.

Together, we will examine your career options within Youniwemi. However we suggest the following items to begin with:


You will be responsible for "Design", to make graphical proposals for our products and those of our customers.

You will join the Youniwemers team in Marrakech in order to add an artisitic touch to our products ..

The advanced mastery of design tools is a crucial prerequisite to obtain this internship.


You will be responsible for promoting our products and services, as well as participating in the development of new products ..

You will join the Youniwemers team in Marrakech, to plan, implement and monitor our actions.

Very good writing skills, perfect spelling, fluency in English, rigor, independence and source of initiave will be essential qualities for obtaining this internship. Skills in computer graphics as well as a previous experience in webmarketing are great assets.

Software Engineer

You will be responsible for the correct implementation of our solutions.

You join the Youniwemers team in Marrakech in order to complete the implementation of our projects; the collaboration mindset will be essential to complete our projects.

You must have a good experience with the following languages : PHP5, HTML5, CSS, Javascipt . The knowledge of testability principles, continuous integration, and software development best practices will be greatly appreciated. Any other language will be valuable: Python, Ruby, Java, Shell ..

Spontaneous application

If the above does not reflect your profile, Youniwemi is still offering the possibility for a spontaneous application if you have the required qualities to integrate our teams.

Do not hesitate to send us your resumé at [email protected]

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Or call us at +212(0)5-24-43-19-86

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